Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bikes on Roads

I am a bike rider, The pedal kind. I ride a descent amount during the summer. And I see this over and over. Bicyclest who think they are motor vehicles. Out in the middle of traffic like they are in a car. I under stand sometimes you have to ride in the street, Crowded walk ways, No side walks and so on... But even then a rider should stay to the shoulder near the curb. Not out in between cars. Cross the street at the corner instead of merging with traffic with attempted hand signals. And by all means get off the road if there is no one on the side walk! When a bike rider makes a mistake against a pedestrian on a side walk it results in a inconvenience. When a bike rider makes a mistake against a car or a truck or a bus on a busy street it can result in death! And a trendy little helmet isn't going to do jack! Remember helmets are really for off trail riders who might fall and bump there heads on the ground. Not the full speed force of a motor vehicle.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N. out of the U.S.

I have never been a fan of the United Nations. And now with comments made by UN Undersecretary Jan Egeland I'm more critical of that organization then ever!

Egeland said that the US pledge of a starting point of $15 Million is stingy. Stingy? The United States of America provides more assistance to the world than all other countries combined! Egeland even had the balls to suggest that taxes on US citizens should be raised! After there oil for food scandal they have the nerve to criticize us! Just how corrupt does the UN have to become, before we kick it out of the U.S.?

U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N. out of the U.S

We are the F'n UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Goddammit! Kiss our ass or get the hell out! We bend over for no one. The USA is the King of the World! NOT the U.N.! The United Nations is our tool. Know your roll and shut your mouth. (And drag your sorry ass over to France) P.S. Kofi Annan gets to be first in line for the bus out of town!


Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass Award for December 2004

Every one in the Northern half of the United States, ALL of Canada and a great deal of planet in general know that rivers are running water, running water doesn't freeze easily. And you never... "NEVER" walk on thin ice! BUT... Today, Sunday @ 2:30 p.m. 12/26/2004 A Unidentified Woman had gone onto/into the Mississippi River near the Shriner's Hospital in Minneapolis. (And yes this spot is on my Bike Route) She had gone into the river's icy water to save her 2 dogs who couldn't get out of the river. I am almost cretin this stretch of river is NOT a leash free area. Two two people had risked their own lives to save the woman by walking onto the ice and using a stick to pull her out!

Police stressed that they do not advise that people go out onto the ice themselves because they might end up in the water along with the person they're trying to rescue. So this Unidentified Woman almost killed 2 dogs, 2 anonymous people, and her self on the day after Christmas Just because she found putting a command and control restraint on her animals was to much of a hassle. This is one of them odd cases I hope she is stupid. It will piss me off even more if she was just lazy!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Screw The Children!

Michael Joseph Gimmestad is a level 3 sex offender who cut a deal with Minnesota government to be civilly committed and avoid being labeled a sexual psychopath.

Lover boy failed to tell his probation officer that he recently had sex with a woman. That's a probation violation. And it happened just before his civil commitment hearing where a judge would have decided whether he should be locked up indefinitely as a dangerous sexual psychopath.
With the new violation and a mountain of other evidence, Sex God: Michael Gimmestad struck a deal with prosecutors. He agreed to be civilly committed to the State Hospital in St. Peter as long as the state doesn't label him a dangerous sexual psychopath.

WHY? Just why the hell do we "DEAL" with this sissy piece of human waste. In CRUEL KEV'S court of justice this Jackass would get 50 sledge hammer blows to the nuts. (and jail time to boot)

Check out Sweet Michael's rap sheet...
1982- he sexually molested a little girl at the library.
1983- he attacked a boy again at the library, covering his mouth to muffle the screams.
1987- he molested 3 more children
1989- a 5-year-old relative, he put gas in the boy's mouth and threatening to light it if he talked. Gimmestad went to prison, got out, raped again, and went back.

Now some body explain to me why we shouldn't label this piece of shit as a dangerous sexual psychopath!!!

Side Note / Comment
Unfortunately I have the same first and last name and middle initial as the sex offender you discussed in your entry of Dec. 25, 2004 titled “Screw the Children.” My middle name is Jon, and his is Joseph, and I am also a native of Minnesota . Since the entry in your blog shows up when people google my name, you can understand that it is a problem for me. Would you please consider removing that entry, or at least editing it to indicate the age and hometown of the offender? I am aware that he is from Montevideo , Minnesota , and he is considerably younger than me. I look forward to your assistance in this matter.

Michael J. Gimmestad, Ph.D.


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies/HESAL

University of Northern Colorado

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Iraq Needs Sports

It seems the only way to be a celebrity in the Middle East is to kill your self in the name of Allah. Iraq citizens have not been allowed to have hero's other then Saddam Hussein for most of there lives. What is the quickest way in the known universe to produce idols? Television of course! Reality shows. But maybe even faster and longer lasting... Pro Sports! It will probably have be soccer. But never the less, This could absorb geographical rivalries. As well as develop a sense of national pride (standing for there national anthem at start of the game). And the most important thing! Sports would give children something to focus on. A team to root for. Heros to look up to.

And who would want to blow them selfs up before the play offs! OH!!! Wait a minute. The NASCAR Camel series starts next month! And then women's Beach Tetherball! Ooh La La!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

SAN DIEGO Sailor Refuses To Deploy

I just herd about this one:

Petty Officer Third Class Pablo Paredes, 23, arrived on time at the 32nd Street Pier in San Diego, but instead of wearing a uniform, he had donned a shirt that said Like Cabinet Member, I Resign, which is what he did on Monday.

"I'd rather do a year in a prison in the military than do six months of dirty work for a war I don't believe in -- and not many people believe in -- and get Marines in harm's way," Paredes told NBC 7/39. "It's sad to me that some people don't understand what I'm doing, don’t understand that this fight takes a lot more courage and that I'm fighting for the very people that they're putting in harm's way."

Now I don't care what weapons control technician Third Class Paredes religion is or what his politics are, He is a Sailor in the Greatest Navy in the history of mankind, The United States NAVY!

His duty is to his Ship the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) and his Ship Mates! This Jello spined Puss! Should be taken to the fan tail and FLOGGED 100 lashes! THEN busted down to pay grade: E-1, Restricted to the ship for the rest of his enlistment, then given a dishonorable discharge AND THEN do his "year in a prison" This Fricken Prick makes me sick! Put a dress on the cock sucker and send him back to the Bronx!

Fit to Fat and on my way BACK!

Over the last year I have been a bad boy (in more ways then one) I am referring to my eating and exercising! A few years back I swore off sugar. It all started with a tooth ache. I had already made the switch to diet pop from a earlier diet. I joined the YMCA. And I did very well I lost over 60 Lbs. One year ago I left the YMCA (basically because they suck) And bought my own work out equipment. I felt comfortable with my weight and I started to let things slide a little bit. In the last 4 to 5 months I have probably only put 40% of the effort towards my fitness that I wanted. I got lazy. I put a few pounds back on. A Krispy Kreme here, A Burger King there... It was during my Christmas vacation 2003 that I started my downward slide. SO... During my vacation this year I got my ass back in gear! I am chalking up this last year as a lesson learned. I have my workout plan all ironed out and I'm exited about my turn around. I have a new focus and jump on a new years resolution. The point of this posting is (to sum it all up) "Just Do It" what ever you have let go in your life. Don't let things go to hell just because its easer.
A person realy can do anything he or she puts there mind to!

Friday, December 17, 2004

NOT Ha Ha Funny

Chevy Chase was a comedian back in the '70s. But through the 80's 90's and in to the new millennium all this Fool has done is fail! His talk show fail! Movies fail, fail, fail! He left the biggest television show of its era to make his name in Hollywood. HA, HA, HA!!! Chevy Chase... You are not comedian. You ARE a Moron! People laugh at both. But they laugh at comedians because they are funny. They laugh at you because... OH WAIT no body laughs when your involved. You only irritate people. From watching how well you managed your own job and career, I don't think I want you trying to influence the direction of our Country, government, polices or Politics.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Living in Glass Houses and Throwing Stones

I have seen a lot of vultures attack dead carcasses in my day. But what I see going on in Washington (D.C.) just confuses me to no end. To watch the Republican party eat at its self is just disheartening. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is not dead yet. Nor will he be soon. But still the Washington vermin are out to feed. MR. Rumsfeld is doing a fine job. This silly scrap metal on the vehicles issue is so over blown that I get whip lash from turning my head to fast in surprise that its on the news again! You know some of your military vehicles are expected to be lighter and built for speed. I know from my Navy days that not all your ships could have a hull as thick as a battle ship. A heaver ship is less effective at anti submarine warfare. In Iraq I would assume the heaver vehicles are more likely to be stuck in off road sand. Slower to arrive for back up in hostel areas. Harder to maneuver out of the way of a suicide car bomb. OF COARSE if your being shot at thicker armor is better armor. BUT... You have to look at whole pitcher. And use three dimensional thinking. Politicians have there place, And it is not in the Pentagon! I hope senators: McCain, Coleman, Collins, Hagel and Lott are as quick to admit they just wanted to sound like they care about the poor down trodden solders and relay don't know military issues as well as the Secretary of Defense when the press make the next willing solder ask why they can't have lighter and faster vehicles.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The chances of a hockey puck getting dropped on a N.H.L. rink this season are getting slimmer and slimmer. The owners want to bust the union. (witch is normally okay with me) And pocket more prophet for them self. (witch is normally okay with me) But the way the "powers to be" are going about it stinks like a hookers crotch. Out and out greed. At the cost of the fans. (witch WILL give up on this sport) Its always about the money... "UNTIL" you get to Baseball. Purity is what this sport is all about. Steroids have infested the holy game of baseball! And oh my god! The record books are in jeopardy. Steroids give the players who use them a unfair advantage. Not that other advancements in the medical field are credited for stronger, healthier athletes. You know why we watch sports? Entertainment! SO... If the major sports don't take there heads out of there asses and quit crying over every little thing... "We cant play football with out a new stadium" "we want parking revenue" "we need more suites" ... We the fans are going to find some other form of entertainment. I think sports need to get in touch with there roots. Take a step back and look at "why do people like this stuff" Go back 50 to 100 years. And they could also keep every thing fair with the history books. For instance, All sports should be played out side. Bleachers for the fans. No state can have hockey unless they can freeze a lake! Leather football helmets. On and on the list can go. But lets go back to reality. Watching all the in-fighting, Player suspensions, Coach firings, Teams moving, Fans lashing out, Etc Etc Is really the best sports entertainment since Pro Wrestling.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Dog Bites Man

Here in the Twin Cities we see a lot of odd stuff in the news. Old people killing people in cars, meth labs blowing up, Teachers banging there students and on and on..."BUT" Just the other day a police dog bit a guy running around NUDE in Minneapolis. He had broken in to a house or two and then the cops show up. This 19 year old punk lunged at the cop... At the "K-9 COP" And then GET THIS his dog bit the assailant. In the male reproductive area. The dog was removed from street duty while the incident is being reviewed. Just what the hell needs to be reviewed? Screw ball running around naked, assaults a police officer, dog does what it is trained to do! And by the way they still needed to use a stun gun and chemical spray to get him to stop. "PROMOTE THE DOG TO CHIEF" (And by the way... Doesn't it go "man bites dog" is news)


All right here we go. First of all why do I need a blog, Who in the world would want read my crap! I don't need one! And next to no one is ever going to read it. But every once in a while I would like to pretend. Its winter here in minnesota and I am not going out side too much. So Ill try this for a bit and see what happens.