Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass Award for December 2004

Every one in the Northern half of the United States, ALL of Canada and a great deal of planet in general know that rivers are running water, running water doesn't freeze easily. And you never... "NEVER" walk on thin ice! BUT... Today, Sunday @ 2:30 p.m. 12/26/2004 A Unidentified Woman had gone onto/into the Mississippi River near the Shriner's Hospital in Minneapolis. (And yes this spot is on my Bike Route) She had gone into the river's icy water to save her 2 dogs who couldn't get out of the river. I am almost cretin this stretch of river is NOT a leash free area. Two two people had risked their own lives to save the woman by walking onto the ice and using a stick to pull her out!

Police stressed that they do not advise that people go out onto the ice themselves because they might end up in the water along with the person they're trying to rescue. So this Unidentified Woman almost killed 2 dogs, 2 anonymous people, and her self on the day after Christmas Just because she found putting a command and control restraint on her animals was to much of a hassle. This is one of them odd cases I hope she is stupid. It will piss me off even more if she was just lazy!