Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bikes on Roads

I am a bike rider, The pedal kind. I ride a descent amount during the summer. And I see this over and over. Bicyclest who think they are motor vehicles. Out in the middle of traffic like they are in a car. I under stand sometimes you have to ride in the street, Crowded walk ways, No side walks and so on... But even then a rider should stay to the shoulder near the curb. Not out in between cars. Cross the street at the corner instead of merging with traffic with attempted hand signals. And by all means get off the road if there is no one on the side walk! When a bike rider makes a mistake against a pedestrian on a side walk it results in a inconvenience. When a bike rider makes a mistake against a car or a truck or a bus on a busy street it can result in death! And a trendy little helmet isn't going to do jack! Remember helmets are really for off trail riders who might fall and bump there heads on the ground. Not the full speed force of a motor vehicle.