Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Fit to Fat and on my way BACK!

Over the last year I have been a bad boy (in more ways then one) I am referring to my eating and exercising! A few years back I swore off sugar. It all started with a tooth ache. I had already made the switch to diet pop from a earlier diet. I joined the YMCA. And I did very well I lost over 60 Lbs. One year ago I left the YMCA (basically because they suck) And bought my own work out equipment. I felt comfortable with my weight and I started to let things slide a little bit. In the last 4 to 5 months I have probably only put 40% of the effort towards my fitness that I wanted. I got lazy. I put a few pounds back on. A Krispy Kreme here, A Burger King there... It was during my Christmas vacation 2003 that I started my downward slide. SO... During my vacation this year I got my ass back in gear! I am chalking up this last year as a lesson learned. I have my workout plan all ironed out and I'm exited about my turn around. I have a new focus and jump on a new years resolution. The point of this posting is (to sum it all up) "Just Do It" what ever you have let go in your life. Don't let things go to hell just because its easer.
A person realy can do anything he or she puts there mind to!