Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The chances of a hockey puck getting dropped on a N.H.L. rink this season are getting slimmer and slimmer. The owners want to bust the union. (witch is normally okay with me) And pocket more prophet for them self. (witch is normally okay with me) But the way the "powers to be" are going about it stinks like a hookers crotch. Out and out greed. At the cost of the fans. (witch WILL give up on this sport) Its always about the money... "UNTIL" you get to Baseball. Purity is what this sport is all about. Steroids have infested the holy game of baseball! And oh my god! The record books are in jeopardy. Steroids give the players who use them a unfair advantage. Not that other advancements in the medical field are credited for stronger, healthier athletes. You know why we watch sports? Entertainment! SO... If the major sports don't take there heads out of there asses and quit crying over every little thing... "We cant play football with out a new stadium" "we want parking revenue" "we need more suites" ... We the fans are going to find some other form of entertainment. I think sports need to get in touch with there roots. Take a step back and look at "why do people like this stuff" Go back 50 to 100 years. And they could also keep every thing fair with the history books. For instance, All sports should be played out side. Bleachers for the fans. No state can have hockey unless they can freeze a lake! Leather football helmets. On and on the list can go. But lets go back to reality. Watching all the in-fighting, Player suspensions, Coach firings, Teams moving, Fans lashing out, Etc Etc Is really the best sports entertainment since Pro Wrestling.