Tuesday, December 28, 2004

U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N. out of the U.S.

I have never been a fan of the United Nations. And now with comments made by UN Undersecretary Jan Egeland I'm more critical of that organization then ever!

Egeland said that the US pledge of a starting point of $15 Million is stingy. Stingy? The United States of America provides more assistance to the world than all other countries combined! Egeland even had the balls to suggest that taxes on US citizens should be raised! After there oil for food scandal they have the nerve to criticize us! Just how corrupt does the UN have to become, before we kick it out of the U.S.?

U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N. out of the U.S

We are the F'n UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Goddammit! Kiss our ass or get the hell out! We bend over for no one. The USA is the King of the World! NOT the U.N.! The United Nations is our tool. Know your roll and shut your mouth. (And drag your sorry ass over to France) P.S. Kofi Annan gets to be first in line for the bus out of town!