Tuesday, December 21, 2004

SAN DIEGO Sailor Refuses To Deploy

I just herd about this one:

Petty Officer Third Class Pablo Paredes, 23, arrived on time at the 32nd Street Pier in San Diego, but instead of wearing a uniform, he had donned a shirt that said Like Cabinet Member, I Resign, which is what he did on Monday.

"I'd rather do a year in a prison in the military than do six months of dirty work for a war I don't believe in -- and not many people believe in -- and get Marines in harm's way," Paredes told NBC 7/39. "It's sad to me that some people don't understand what I'm doing, don’t understand that this fight takes a lot more courage and that I'm fighting for the very people that they're putting in harm's way."

Now I don't care what weapons control technician Third Class Paredes religion is or what his politics are, He is a Sailor in the Greatest Navy in the history of mankind, The United States NAVY!

His duty is to his Ship the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) and his Ship Mates! This Jello spined Puss! Should be taken to the fan tail and FLOGGED 100 lashes! THEN busted down to pay grade: E-1, Restricted to the ship for the rest of his enlistment, then given a dishonorable discharge AND THEN do his "year in a prison" This Fricken Prick makes me sick! Put a dress on the cock sucker and send him back to the Bronx!