Thursday, December 23, 2004

Iraq Needs Sports

It seems the only way to be a celebrity in the Middle East is to kill your self in the name of Allah. Iraq citizens have not been allowed to have hero's other then Saddam Hussein for most of there lives. What is the quickest way in the known universe to produce idols? Television of course! Reality shows. But maybe even faster and longer lasting... Pro Sports! It will probably have be soccer. But never the less, This could absorb geographical rivalries. As well as develop a sense of national pride (standing for there national anthem at start of the game). And the most important thing! Sports would give children something to focus on. A team to root for. Heros to look up to.

And who would want to blow them selfs up before the play offs! OH!!! Wait a minute. The NASCAR Camel series starts next month! And then women's Beach Tetherball! Ooh La La!