Friday, December 10, 2004

Dog Bites Man

Here in the Twin Cities we see a lot of odd stuff in the news. Old people killing people in cars, meth labs blowing up, Teachers banging there students and on and on..."BUT" Just the other day a police dog bit a guy running around NUDE in Minneapolis. He had broken in to a house or two and then the cops show up. This 19 year old punk lunged at the cop... At the "K-9 COP" And then GET THIS his dog bit the assailant. In the male reproductive area. The dog was removed from street duty while the incident is being reviewed. Just what the hell needs to be reviewed? Screw ball running around naked, assaults a police officer, dog does what it is trained to do! And by the way they still needed to use a stun gun and chemical spray to get him to stop. "PROMOTE THE DOG TO CHIEF" (And by the way... Doesn't it go "man bites dog" is news)