Saturday, December 25, 2004

Screw The Children!

Michael Joseph Gimmestad is a level 3 sex offender who cut a deal with Minnesota government to be civilly committed and avoid being labeled a sexual psychopath.

Lover boy failed to tell his probation officer that he recently had sex with a woman. That's a probation violation. And it happened just before his civil commitment hearing where a judge would have decided whether he should be locked up indefinitely as a dangerous sexual psychopath.
With the new violation and a mountain of other evidence, Sex God: Michael Gimmestad struck a deal with prosecutors. He agreed to be civilly committed to the State Hospital in St. Peter as long as the state doesn't label him a dangerous sexual psychopath.

WHY? Just why the hell do we "DEAL" with this sissy piece of human waste. In CRUEL KEV'S court of justice this Jackass would get 50 sledge hammer blows to the nuts. (and jail time to boot)

Check out Sweet Michael's rap sheet...
1982- he sexually molested a little girl at the library.
1983- he attacked a boy again at the library, covering his mouth to muffle the screams.
1987- he molested 3 more children
1989- a 5-year-old relative, he put gas in the boy's mouth and threatening to light it if he talked. Gimmestad went to prison, got out, raped again, and went back.

Now some body explain to me why we shouldn't label this piece of shit as a dangerous sexual psychopath!!!

Side Note / Comment
Unfortunately I have the same first and last name and middle initial as the sex offender you discussed in your entry of Dec. 25, 2004 titled “Screw the Children.” My middle name is Jon, and his is Joseph, and I am also a native of Minnesota . Since the entry in your blog shows up when people google my name, you can understand that it is a problem for me. Would you please consider removing that entry, or at least editing it to indicate the age and hometown of the offender? I am aware that he is from Montevideo , Minnesota , and he is considerably younger than me. I look forward to your assistance in this matter.

Michael J. Gimmestad, Ph.D.


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies/HESAL

University of Northern Colorado