Thursday, December 16, 2004

Living in Glass Houses and Throwing Stones

I have seen a lot of vultures attack dead carcasses in my day. But what I see going on in Washington (D.C.) just confuses me to no end. To watch the Republican party eat at its self is just disheartening. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is not dead yet. Nor will he be soon. But still the Washington vermin are out to feed. MR. Rumsfeld is doing a fine job. This silly scrap metal on the vehicles issue is so over blown that I get whip lash from turning my head to fast in surprise that its on the news again! You know some of your military vehicles are expected to be lighter and built for speed. I know from my Navy days that not all your ships could have a hull as thick as a battle ship. A heaver ship is less effective at anti submarine warfare. In Iraq I would assume the heaver vehicles are more likely to be stuck in off road sand. Slower to arrive for back up in hostel areas. Harder to maneuver out of the way of a suicide car bomb. OF COARSE if your being shot at thicker armor is better armor. BUT... You have to look at whole pitcher. And use three dimensional thinking. Politicians have there place, And it is not in the Pentagon! I hope senators: McCain, Coleman, Collins, Hagel and Lott are as quick to admit they just wanted to sound like they care about the poor down trodden solders and relay don't know military issues as well as the Secretary of Defense when the press make the next willing solder ask why they can't have lighter and faster vehicles.