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North Korea Launches Two Missiles As Joint U.S.-ROK Exercises Begin

North Korea fired two short-range projectiles, presumed to be Scud-type ballistic missiles, on Monday morning South Korean time, Seoul’s military leadership announced. “North Korea fired two short-range missiles with a range of some 490 kilometers into the East Sea from its western port city of Nampo between 6:32 a.m. and 6:41 a.m. (KST) today,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a press release. North Korea’s firing of the missiles comes as joint U.S.-ROK military exercises, namely Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, started on Monday. North Korea typically conducts missile launches like this during joint U.S.-ROK exercises, NK News Director of Intelligence John Grisafi said. “(They do this) to draw attention and to demonstrate their own capabilities, partially in protest to the drills.”
North Korean military spokespersons issued a warning earlier on in the day in protest at the routine South Korea and U.S. military drills. “Key Resolve and Foal Eagle are an undisguised encroachment upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK and an unpardonable war hysteria of dishonest hostile forces,” a statement issued by the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army said. “Our revolutionary armed forces will never remain a passive onlooker to this grave situation.” According to South Korea’s military, the missiles, which are presumed to be Scud-C or Scud-D types due to their range, were fired eastwards, something Grisafi says is noteworthy. “They did (firing eastward across the country)a couple times last year,” Grisafi said. “(It) shows they have confidence in the ranges.” Joint U.S.-ROK exercise Key Resolve will be continued until March 13 and the Foal Eagle April 24.


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By 2016, there will likely be a 6-foot tall police robot patrolling the streets and handing out parking tickets. The Telebot, developed by Florida International University’s Discovery Lab, has been field-tested and is undergoing final tune up. With a swiveling head and dexterous fingers, the humanoid robot is controlled remotely by a person wearing an Oculus Rift headset and motion-tracking vest, arm bands, and gloves. The voice of the remote operator is transmitted through the robot to the unfortunate citizen on the receiving end. The menacing look of Telebot is no accident. Its design is one “…that can intimidate and display a sense of authority.” Justification for this (let’s just say it) Robocop, is couched in appeals to sympathy, to help disabled officers and veterans “get back on the job.” The reality is that it introduces another level of intimidation to the increasingly militarized police state and brings us one step closer to a dystopian future where autonomous robots carry out law enforcement. “As robots become more agile, we may see an increase of an armed robotic police presence. But even when companies can meet all the technological demands of an autonomous, armed police force, there’ll still be social and political hurdles. What happens if a police robot malfunctions and harms someone, for example?” – How Police Robots Work If a human police officer can get away with killing so easily, as The Free Thought Project continually documents, what would this mean for the robot officer? A fully autonomous robot officer is already in the works.
The Knightscope K5 does not wield weapons but serves as a total surveillance machine for cops or private clients. It has facial recognition and scans 1,500 license plates per minute, captures audio and 360-degree video, tests the air for chemicals, and maps its surroundings with 3D radar and laser. It can learn to distinguish “suspicious activities” from normal activities. When the K5 puts all this data together and detects what it perceives as trouble, it alerts local authorities. In a few years, this Dalek-like robot will be recording people’s actions and conversations in public places all over. Robots have been used for years to detonate or disable bombs. Nothing controversial there. But police robots are increasingly being developed for use against people. Large remote-controlled robots are now fitted with arms that can breach doors or hold live weapons. In a display of just how badly things can go, in 2011 a police robot burned down a mobile home after triple-warhead gas grenades were fired into the home instead of flameless grenades. The danger from police robots is not only ground-based. The Skunk Riot Control Copter is designed to “control unruly crowds” by firing up to 20 paintball or pepper spray rounds per minute from each of its four barrels. It also features strobe lights and lasers to dazzle the would-be protester, and, of course, the full range of surveillance capability to monitor the crowds. The militarization and robotization of police state USA is related to a Department of Defense (DoD) program starting in 1997 that transfers excess military equipment to police departments, to help them fight the immoral war on drugs. DoD has already given police more than $5.1 billion worth of military equipment. The Department of Homeland Security is part of the game too, giving grants to police departments for advanced tactical hardware to help fight those freedom-hating terrorists. Only, the government now treats its own citizens as terrorists. Peaceful protesters fill the lenses and microphones and crosshairs of robot police. In these troubling times, we can turn to satire for some relief. The Onion sums it up nicely: New Law Enforcement Robot Can Wield Excessive Force Of 5 Human Officers. Unfortunately for the citizens of Police State USA, this is no laughing matter.

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Ban All the Things: Man Perfectly Ridicules City Council's Gun Control Meeting

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Climate Chains - Scam Artists & Big, Big Money

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Australia's Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Calls Obama Presidency The ‘Most Left-Of-Centre Government In At Least Half A Century'. He’s Right

The Wall Street Journal’s Mary Kissel has a revealing interview in World Affairs Journal with Australian Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott, who is in a strong position to become Australia’s prime minister later this year (the general election will be held on September 14.) It’s a rare interview for Abbott with the foreign press, and it’s revealing in its insights on how Australia’s most senior conservative views President Obama and the direction in which he’s taking the United States. Abbott is a leader in the John Howard mould, with a keen understanding of what ordinary voters really care about. He’s in favour of lower taxes, reducing government spending, cutting red tape, getting rid of government waste, limiting the welfare state, and is tough on illegal immigration. He believes that Australia, much like the United States and Great Britain, is at heart a conservative country. As Abbott puts it, “all successful societies are inherently conservative.” It’s clear from this interview, however, that Abbott thinks America is heading down the wrong path under Barack Obama, comparing the Obama administration’s big government approach to that of the socialist Labor government in Canberra. As he notes in his interview with Kissel: “The Rudd-Gillard government has been a highly statist government, the Brown government reverted to statism with a vengeance in Britain, and Obama is the most left-of-center government in at least half a century.” (At this, the media minder shifts in his chair.)
“Now I’m not being critical of Obama,” Abbott adds, soft-pedaling his response in a way he probably wouldn’t have a few years ago, when he was a minister in the Howard government. “He’s following a well-trod path. But I think it is a fact that the Obama government is a much more statist government than the Clinton administration.” Abbott’s frank assessment of President Obama’s big government agenda is a breath of fresh of fresh air. Contrast his words with the fawning approach taken by David Cameron in Britain, who holds up Obama’s Leftist policies as an inspiration rather than a warning. Abbott of course is absolutely right in his analysis of the Obama presidency, though a tad generous. As I’ve noted in previous pieces for The Telegraph, Barack Obama is not only the most Left-wing president of the last half century, he is the most liberal president in US history. In his four and a half years in office, President Obama has dramatically increased the role of government in American society, greatly expanded dependency on the state, and significantly undercut economic freedom in the world’s superpower. Tony Abbott has pledged to do the opposite in Australia, advancing policies that rein in the deathly hand of big government, and advance the cause of freedom. Like John Howard before him, Abbott comes across as a conviction politician with a good understanding of the grassroots, who speaks a language that conservative voters can actually relate to. We need more leaders like him, in both Britain and the United States.

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Obama's Golf With Tiger Travel Expenses Would Pay For A Year of White House Tours

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Huge Explosion At Iran Nuclear Site Not Confirmed

Yediot Ahronot reported. on Friday that former Iranian intelligence officials who defected to the West claim that Iran’s underground Fordo uranium enrichment facility has been almost completely demolished, and hundreds of staff members are at this moment trapped underground, This has to be the worst blow to Iran’s nuclear ambitions so far. WND, an American news website affiliated with the right, reported Friday that a mysterious explosion has destroyed a significant portion of Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility – considered Tehran’s most fortified facility.
Yediot cites WND as reporting on Friday that former Iranian Republican Guard commander Reza Halili, recruited by the CIA and who defected to the US, claimed that Iranian sources reported a huge explosion last Monday at Fordo’s centrifuges room. They claim that the explosion destroyed a significant portion of the facility and that 240 workers were trapped underground. WND emphasized that the report has not been corroborated by any Western source. According to Yediot, Halili says that “The blast shook facilities within a radius of three miles. Security forces have enforced a no-traffic radius of 15 miles, and the Tehran-Qom highway was shut down for several hours after the blast.”

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Obama Re-Elected By Illiterate Society...

Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake. After Obama was elected in his first term as president the then Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2009. Ignored by the West as usual, Putin gave insightful and helpful advice to help the world economy and saying the world should avoid the Soviet mistake. Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way. Putin said regarding the military, "...instead of solving the problem, militarization pushes it to a deeper level. It draws away from the economy immense financial and material resources, which could have been used much more efficiently elsewhere." Well, any normal individual understands that as true but liberalism is a psychosis . O'bomber even keeps the war going along the Mexican border with projects like "fast and furious" and there is still no sign of ending it. He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Obama's fools and Stalin's fools share the same drink of illusion. Reading Putin's speech without knowing the author, one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America. The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative.
Vladimir Putin went on to say: "...we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses. The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state. There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results. Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt - are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game. During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself." President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama. They read history in America don't they? Alas, the schools in the U.S. were conquered by the Communists long ago and history was revised thus paving the way for their Communist presidents. Obama has bailed out those businesses that voted for him and increased the debt to over 16 trillion with an ever increasing unemployment rate especially among blacks and other minorities. All the while promoting his agenda. "We must seek support in the moral values that have ensured the progress of our civilization. Honesty and hard work, responsibility and faith in our strength are bound to bring us success."- Vladimir Putin The red, white and blue still flies happily but only in Russia. Russia still has St George defeating the Dragon with the symbol of the cross on its' flag. The ACLU and other atheist groups in America would never allow the US flag with such religious symbols. Lawsuits a plenty against religious freedom and expression in the land of the free. Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law. Let's give American voters the benefit of the doubt and say it was all voter fraud and not ignorance or stupidity in electing a man who does not even know what to do and refuses help from Russia when there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead we'll say it's true that the Communists usage of electronic voting was just a plan to manipulate the vote. Soros and his ownership of the company that counts the US votes in Spain helped put their puppet in power in the White House. According to the Huffington Post, residents in all 50 states have filed petitions to secede from the Unites States. We'll say that these Americans are hostages to the Communists in power. How long will their government reign tyranny upon them? Russia lost its' civil war with the Reds and millions suffered torture and death for almost 75 years under the tyranny of the United Soviet Socialist Republic. Russians survived with a new and stronger faith in God and ever growing Christian Church. The question is how long will the once "Land of the Free" remain the United Socialist States of America? Their suffering has only begun. Bye bye Miss American Pie! You know the song you hippies. Sing it! Don't you remember? The 1971 hit song by American song writer Don McLean:
"And, as I watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage. No angel born in Hell could break that Satan's spell And, as the flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite, I saw... Satan laughing with delight the day the music died He was singing, bye bye Miss American Pie Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry Them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing... This'll be the day that I die This'll be the day that I die"
So, the question remains: How long will America suffer and to what depths?

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