Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sailor Critically Injured

Several Other Sailors With Lesser Injuries

The U.S.S. San Francisco(Los Angeles-class nuclear powered submarine) ran aground while conducting submerged operations. Approximately 350 miles south of it's homeport of Guam Saturday at approximately 12pm (Guam time )
There is still no report as to the extent of the injuries and damage aboard the San Francisco, which according to the Navy, were still being assessed. The U.S. Pacific Command has speculated that there is one sailor critically injured and several others with lesser injuries. As well, there were no reports of damage to the reactor plant on board the sub, which according to Navy officials, is operating normally. The submarine has reportedly been surfaced following the incident.
The submarine tender the U.S.S. Frank Cable and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Galveston Island are already on their way to escort the San Francisco on its way back to Guam. None of the injured has been airlifted from the submarine, but plans are being made to medically evacuate the injured sailors, once the assisting ships reach the submarine. The Navy anticipates the submarine will arrive sometime Monday afternoon, Guam time.
The U.S.S. San Francisco, staffed by a crew of 137 sailors, is among three fast-attack submarines of the U.S. Naval Forces Marianas Submarine Squadron 15, the other two being the U.S.S. Corpus Christi and the U.S.S. Houston. Each carries four torpedo tubes and can launch Tomahawk cruise missiles and is designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. The San Francisco's other missions have ranged from intelligence collection to Special Forces delivery.
During my time on the U.S.S. Paul We ran aground leaving Bermuda, Due to low tide. No damage done. But its real unnerving. We were able to get under-way again at high tide, Without much adieu.
So for those injured sailors: May you have Fair Winds, and Following Seas, and long may your Big Jib draw!