Friday, January 07, 2005

Disrespect for a American War Veteran

Greenwood Union Cemetary located near Le Center, Minnesota IS RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE: Insulting, Disrespecting and desecrating the final resting place of an "American War Veteran" The man is Civil War veteran Samuel Whipps He served with the ninth Minnesota regiment. It's carved on the tombstone. You cant see that now because the marker is now surrounded by a pillar in the back, a steel sign cemented into the ground on the other side. The stone is now used as a back stop for the cemetery gate. One sign post sits directly on top of the Veteran's casket. members of the cemetery board gave no explanation. And at least one member said their not going to give one. "I don't care what they do. That's not coming down..." Says a commissioner.

"Will you consider changing it?" asks a Consumer Investigator.

"I'm not.." Says another commissioner.

"How would you feel if that was your relative?" asks the Reporter.

"I'm gonna guess I wouldn't think too much of it as long as they're in the ground and there's a stone there," says a commissioner.

When Samuel Whipps's great granddaughter found what had happened, she found what she called a wall of resistance and tonight she asks why this veteran's grave doesn't matter.

The head of the Minnesota cemetery Association says graves are usually considered eight feet long and it's common sense not to plant a sign in that space.

No one in Minnesota regulates cemeteries so your only option with a dispute like this is going to court.

I officially as a Veteran, Call on any and all Veterans organizations to confront these Anti-Americans!! And remove the ROAD SIGNS OFF THIS FELLOW VETERAN'S GRAVE! Give him the respect he deserves!