Sunday, March 13, 2005

Minnesotans Behind U.N. Landmine Propaganda

It looks like any other ad on television. Girls playing soccer, dads in sweater vests, soft colors. And then… It’s a controversial new Public Service Announcement directed by the United Nations that shows a landmine exploding in the middle of a suburban girls’ soccer game. The point of the ad is to raise American awareness of landmines, which kill 20,000 people around the world each year. Two native Minnesotans helped create the fictional ad. “We were looking to recreate an everyday American scene,” said native Minnesotan Lisa Lefebvre, a consultant on the project. “By doing that…we think we accomplish a lot in hitting home the sensitivities of the issue.” But maybe it’s too sensitive. (??!) So far, 40 networks and local TV stations in the U.S. have been given the spot and none have run it. But in the age of the digital technology, it may not matter. The video is already criss-crossing the Internet. The buzz may cause it to get picked up by networks. “By bringing to light the fact that this PSA won’t run, it’ll actually get carried on higher rated newscasts than it would in the late night, when PSAs normally run,” said John Rash, an analyst with Minneapolis-based Campbell-Mithun.

Please.. Parents, Don't Allow Your Children To Play Soccer