Sunday, August 03, 2008

Governor Pawlenty Criticizes Obama On Oil Drilling

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he doubts that Barack Obama would support offshore oil drilling as part of a compromise on a comprehensive energy policy. Pawlenty was responding to Obama's statement on Friday that he would support offshore drilling if it were the key to an energy policy compromise. He says the Democratic presidential hopeful has placed so many contingencies on the issue that he questions whether he would do it at all. Energy policy, particularly offshore drilling, has become a focal point of the campaign.Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain has supported offshore drilling, while Obama says it would do nothing to lower gas prices. Pawlenty further criticized Obama, saying there is not one issue of national prominence where he has led the country. He said a vote for Obama "is the political equivalent of bungee jumping." Pawlenty, who's been mentioned as a prospective running mate for McCain, says he doesn't discuss the vice presidential possibilties because it becomes a distraction.