Sunday, July 06, 2008

Space Monster Attack To Upstage Worldly Woes At G8?

A science-fiction movie targeting the Group of Eight summit next week in Toyako, Hokkaido, will debut in the prefecture's theaters Saturday, allowing a beast from outer space to wreak havoc on world leaders. The movie, "Girara no Gyakushu" ("Girara Strikes Back"), is a remake of the 1967 movie "Girara" but with a contemporary parody touch. In the plot, Girara attacks Sapporo while the G8 leaders meet in Toyako. The summit then changes its agenda to contemplate steps to stop Girara, according to the movie's official Web site. The movie also includes a scene where the Japanese prime minister, Sanzo Ibe, takes sick leave from the summit after suffering from a bowel problem.Then the G8 chair is taken over by Ibe's predecessor, Junzaburo Oizumi. Another scene involves an attempt by a "dictatorial state in the north" to fire a Potedong-55 nuclear missile at the monster. Director Minoru Kawasaki said he initially conceived the attack taking place in Tokyo but later chose Toyako after it became the G8 venue. Following the early release in Hokkaido, the movie will show nationwide starting from July 26.