Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blind St. Paul Man Robbed

The St. Paul Police Department is asking the public to help them find a woman, who committed a crime that's both shocking and surprising. Officials said the suspect offered help to a 74-year-old blind man, and then turned around and mugged him. Gordon Emo has been blind since birth. For the past 36 years, Emo uses his walker to make his weekly trek down Exchange Street for groceries and other items.Last Thursday, Emo said a woman named 'Yolanda' helped him cross the street during his stroll. "Then she grabbed my billfold," Emo explained. "And then she ran off. I said, ‘lady bring my stuff back!’ She started to laugh and ran." Emo said his billfold contained all the money he has for one month, a state identification card, and several medical cards. "I felt violated. I felt sick and angry," Emo said. St. Paul Police said because they have no description of the woman, they don’t have any leads or suspects.