Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ron Paul Plans GOP Counter-Convention

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, technically still in the race despite having lost by all measures to presumptive nominee John McCain, is planning to stage a sort of counter-convention during the Republican National Convention in September. The libertarian-leaning Texas congressman is hoping to rally about 11,000 supporters at an arena at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on Sept. 2. That would coincide with the GOP convention, from Sept. 1 to Sept. 4, in next-door St. Paul.Paul has 24 convention delegates, compared with the 1,504 who are in the McCain column, according to tallies. He did not win any primaries or caucuses but amassed a loyal and enthusiastic base of supporters. According to the Tribune-Review article, Paul is set to announce details for the rally Thursday in Houston. An aide told reporters Paul hopes the Minneapolis event will “send a message to the Republican Party.”