Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain Says Pawlenty Has 'Big Place' In GOP Future

Speaking in Minneapolis, Sen. John McCain told reporters Gov. Tim Pawlenty has "a very big place" in the Republican Party's future. McCain didn’t say whether he's considering Pawlenty as a running mate. The Republican candidate said he doesn’t have a short list and won’t name names. McCain made his first Minnesota campaign stop in the Twin Cities Thursday at the Landmark Center. At the pre-ticketed event, McCain was able to interact intimately with and answer the questions of a smaller audience, as opposed to the rally-style of his rival, Barack Obama. McCain touched on several points, calling for energy independence and offshore drilling in the United States.
Sen. John McCain and Gov. Tim Pawlenty
He also said that if troops are still successful overseas, he would support them coming home in one year. Minnesota Governor and McCain's national campaign co-chair Tim Pawlenty spent the day with the Senator, which further fueled VP speculation. McCain did mention Pawlenty has shown a Republican can win in Minnesota, a state taken by Democrats in the general election since the last GOP support coming in 1972. McCain said he understand he’s the underdog in Minnesota, but intends to fight for the state's 10 electoral votes.