Monday, March 19, 2007

Comedian Is Adopting Soldiers Overseas

Call it comedy with a cause. A Twin Cities comedian is making it her mission to not only make people laugh, but to support the men and women fighting overseas. She is encouraging everyone to do their part and become a soldier's angel. Tammy Nerby looks at life through a comic's eye. She travels all over doing stand up, making people laugh and also trying to make a difference. "We have 150,000 plus men and women over there risking their lives and I think every American should be doing something for a soldier," She says. She adopts soldiers through a non-profit network called "Soldier's Angles."A California mom started the group after her son, who was serving in Iraq, told her that some soldiers never received any mail or care packages. Nerby wants to drum up support, which is why she's taking her cause on stage. The comedian tapes audience members sending greetings to the troops and then sends those greetings to her "adopted" soldiers. Perhaps it is also therapeutic for Nerby, because her husband has spent time in Iraq. He is a contractor stationed in the middle east. "Somedays are fine and we chat a lot. We talk almost every day. And other days, I wish he was home," Nerby says. Until then, Nerby stays focused on the mission before her, helping soldiers while they are in Iraq.