Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is Governor Pawlenty Preparing For The White House?

Governor Pawlenty is making his way back to Minnesota after visiting with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The governor spent the last few days on a trip to boost troop morale in the two war zones. He was in Germany Friday and plans to visit a military hospital there before hopping a flight back to the U.S. University of Minnesota Political Science Professor Larry Jacobs believes the Governor is building his resume.The Governor said he planned this week's trips because Minnesota Guard's tours of duty were extended and dismisses any other motive. "I felt and National Guard officials agreed, that it was particularly important that I go at this time to try and encourage and thank our troops," Pawlenty said. Earlier this year, the Governor chaired John McCain's presidential exploratory committee, fueling speculation Pawlenty could run for vice president in 2008. Jacobs said this week's visit with the troops is a clear sign of Pawlenty's long-term goals. "He's here at home locked in a battle with democrats, he goes abroad and he almost looks presidential...much nicer to be abroad," Jacobs said.