Sunday, November 05, 2006

Radio Host Fired Over Botched Joke

Maybe he should have said it was a botched joke or something… Sources have confirmed that WRKO-AM radio talk show host John DePetro has been fired from the station. DePetro, who has been with WRKO since 2004, came under fire after he referred to Green-Rainbow party candidate for governor Grace Ross a "fat lesbian" during his talk show. Four months ago, the shock jock was suspended for two days after calling former Turnpike chief Matt Amorello a "fag" on the air. Jimmy Kiesling, DePetro's board operator, was also fired.
John DePetro
Not endorsing what this guy said or anything (though it would appear as though his comment was factually accurate), but It's a bit surprised that it got him fired. Air America talk show hosts talk about things like assassinating the President all the time and don’t get canned for it.