Friday, September 08, 2006

Perverted Pedophile Peeping Toms Reported in St. Paul

Kids playing at a park at Dale St. and Geranium Ave. in St. Paul had no idea that the man in the trees crept through the bushes and climbed on a thick tree branch for a better look at them--And witnesses say he had a camera. Qasim Edwards and his wife saw the man, called 911, and wrote down the license plate number. "I saw a car slowly coming down the alley which drew my attention because he was driving so slow. And when he got to the park, he stopped. He got out, carrying binoculars and a camera. He began to take pictures and focus on the children," Edwards told reporters.Police say this type of activity among older men goes up every fall when school starts. "These kind of things make us nervous, absolutely," said Tom Walsh of the St. Paul Police Department. "Kids are in schools during the days, they're concentrated in places where people who might enjoy that sort of thing know where to find them." Another similar incident was reported Thursday around 12 noon. Police say, at the park at Hubbard St. and Griggs St. in St. Paul. A different man with a different camera, but perhaps the same intent. "He was taping everybody around and I said, 'hey, I'm calling the cops, go away,'" witness Jeremy Glass told reporters. It's unsettling for parents and kids many of whom are unaware it's even going. Police say the suspect in the first incident is driving a purple Toyota Camry. Anyone who sees anything suspicious at local parks is encouraged to call police.