Saturday, September 02, 2006

Minnesota State House Candidate Beat Up Campaigning

DFL candidate for State House, Michael Katch, was attacked campaigning in his own neighborhood Friday. Katch was handing out campaign materials near Broadway Ave. in Minneapolis, when six teenage boys followed him to a doorstep and started beating him. Katch suffered a broken nose, a concussion and needs reconstructive surgery to his face. He was taken to the emergency room at University of MN Fairview Hospital and released Friday evening. "I told them I was there to help them, I didn't really understand why they were hitting me... I'm not quite sure if they asked me for money, but it's not like I was carrying any...there wasn't much they could get from me," Katch told reporters."Despite what happened, Katch remains positive and says troubled kids are just one of the reasons he's running for office. "As far as I'm concerned it happened, and its over with and we still have the same problems, we have to get back into the community and fix them," Katch said. Minneapolis Police have no suspects at this time, and Katch was unable to give them a solid description of his assailants. Katch's injuries aren't slowing down his political aspirations, even with the primaries less than two weeks away. Katch says in the future he'll make sure someone's with him when he's campaigning, even in his own neighborhood.