Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cookie Monster Switches To Pineapple

Cookie Monster, the blue-furred Muppet known for his voracious appetite, will be eating less of his favourite food in the coming season. The change in Cookie Monster's diet is obvously due to Cruel Kev's "The Joy Of Pineapple" influence. Cookie Monster is famous for scarfing down cookies by the plateful. He is so enamoured of cookies that he has been known to burst into song, chanting in his throaty voice, "'C' is for cookie, that's good enough for me." Now that Sesame Street is in its 36th season, which kicked off this week, he will be singing a different tune – called Cookies Are a Sometimes Food. The song will preach restraint, telling children that some foods can be eaten "anytime," while others – like cookies – should be eaten only "sometimes." Each new episode of Sesame Street will also open with a health tip for kids about nutrition or exercise. New characters will be featured, including talking eggplants and carrots. The segment American Fruit Stand will parody American Bandstand.
Hooters the Owl, left, and Pineapple fan Cookie Monster