Monday, March 28, 2005

Jeff Weise: A Native American Nazi

Jeff Weise made a chilling cartoon about a shooting spree and posted it on the internet. It contains graphic images of a policeman and others being murdered before the gunman kills himself with a pistol. Called Target Practice, it is frighteningly similar to what happened when 16-year-old Weise went on the rampage with a gun in Red Lake, Minnesota, on Monday.
He shot dead his policeman grandfather, a school security guard, teacher and five pupils before committing suicide. He described the film as "random violence, a suicidal mass murderer and people who blame the media afterwards."
The FBI is examining an online diary in which he claimed he had been abused by his mum and was on Prozac for depression. He writes of "16 years of accumulated rage suppressed by brief glimpses of hope which have all but faded to black. I can feel the urges within slipping through the cracks, the leash I can no longer hold." Another entry revealed suicidal thoughts.
A 2005 class photo of Jeff Weise. His hair is gelled in two spots to look like devil horns.