Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bike Path Pirates

Police are warning people about robbers on a popular bike trail. At least four people have been robbed on the Cedar Lake Trail. The attacks happened while people have been biking or walking on the trail, usually near the Interstate 394 overpass. The latest attack happened around four p-m in the afternoon, during high traffic time. The trail is popular with bikers commuting to and from work. In a couple of incidents, the attackers hid behind some pillars, jumped out, knocked the victims off their bikes, robbed them and then ran off. More police are now patrolling the trail. They're warning bikers and walkers to watch out. And Cruel Kev. Who is a avid user of bike trails is warning "bike path pirates" to get the hell off the trails and crawl back under what ever rock they crawled out from, Or feel the Wrath of Cruel Kev.