Wednesday, March 23, 2005


PLAYGIRL editor-in-chief Michele Zipp has been stripped of her duties after she revealed how she voted Republican in the 2004 election. Zipp, in an e-mail, claims she was fired after an onslaught of liberal backlash.

"After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican.
"I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views."

If this had been, for example, some conservative Wall Street guy calling a woman to say with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Democrat," what would our liberal media friends have done? I belive the coverage would have made Abu Ghraib coverage, or the OJ Simpson trial coverage, pale in comparison.

Michele Zipp Fired for NOT wearing the DFL blinders