Monday, April 18, 2005

Barbara Boxer Cant Count Very Well

Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer seems to enjoy grandstanding at confirmation hearings. It was pointed out earlier this week how "Boxer chose to take three minutes of videotape out of a lifetime of government service, to show Bolton's incompetence vis a vis the UN. Talk about taking things out of context." Now Robert Novak notes Barbara Boxer's fuzzy math in his Inside Report: Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, while claiming her opposition to the confirmation of John Bolton as United Nations ambassador was rare, has actually voted against 11 of President Bush's nominees. "I myself went back to the record," Boxer said at last week's hearing on Bolton's nomination. "I voted no three times out of hundreds that have come through this committee." In fact, she opposed the only two controversial Bush nominees considered by the Foreign Relations Committee: Condoleezza Rice for secretary of state and Bolton for under secretary of state. Boxer has voted against every Bush nominee facing any significant opposition. They include John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales for attorney general, Theodore Olson for solicitor general, Gale Norton for secretary of the interior and Michael Leavitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Good catch by Novak, but Boxer's misleading statements should come as no surprise. The more outrageous Barbara Boxer gets, the more the left cheers her on.
Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer