Monday, February 14, 2005

Madrid Skyscraper Close To Collapse

Madrid authorities have warned that one of the city's tallest buildings is close to collapse after the 31-storey office block was engulf by fire. The blaze, believed to be the biggest in the city's history, engulfed the Windsor Building and sent a pall of grey smoke across the Madrid skyline. Officials say the fire is still not under control and that the situation remains critical. Firefighters are continuing to battle to blaze in a bid to prevent flames from spreading to nearby buildings which include a shopping centre. It is predicted that even if the building doesn't collapse, it will have to be demolished because of the damage. One of the building's architects, Genaro Alas, declined to comment on its stability. He said it is not known why a fire alarm system didn't work, preventing the emergency services from arriving until the blaze was well underway..