Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bar Wench Claims The Vulcan King Groped Her

A man who portrayed the Vulcan King for this year's Winter Carnival is charged with sexual assault. Tom Trudeau the Vulcan King is accused of inappropriately touching three scantily clad female bartenders at Alary's Bar during a Annual Saint Paul Winter Carnival Garter Ritual. His attorney said that Trudeau denies everything and will put up a strong fight in court. According to court documents, Trudeau was dressed in his Vulcan costume when he touched the breasts, buttocks and crotches of women during a garter ritual. The Vulcans and Royal Court have been a St. Paul institution for more than 100 years. They participate in parades and visit hospitals and schools. Alary's Bar also has been a St. Paul institution for many years running escort services out of its Downtown St. Paul location.
Tom Trudeau the Vulcan King
In Winter Carnival lore, the Vulcans represent fire and pave the way for summer. They are one of several groups that carry on festival traditions and wear distinctive costumes, which include capes, helmets and goggles.