Thursday, February 10, 2005

Contaminated Money

Money that has been contaminated with a virus; it’s a whole new possible direction for bioterrorism. It is a case that the FBI terrorism unit has taken over from state police that involves several cities. In an exclusive investigation, news sorces have obtained documents detailing a bizarre criminal plot involving a virus, suspected drug money, and the Russian mob in Northeast Philadelphia. Earlier this month, Pennsylvania State Troopers intercepted $250,000 dollars during a routine traffic stop. The alleged drug money, which had been sealed in plastic, was being driven from Columbus, Ohio to Northeast Philadelphia. According to law enforcement sources, after counting the seized cash, troopers began feeling ill and one trooper was even hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. Sources said that tests on the cash counter revealed the presence of a toxin derived from the bacteria staphylococcus. A local terrorism expert says it may be a new application of terrorism, although this time it was used as a deterrent among thieves: “I am not that surprised, this is the nature of terrorism. By its nature, you have to say we must always be mindful and careful of new applications.”