Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Travesty of Military Justice

Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr. was sentenced to 10 years behind bars Saturday for mistreating Iraqi criminals in the first court-martial stemming from at Abu Ghraib prison hoopla, U.S. military fueled by the release of graphic photographs. Asked if he felt remorse after the sentence was handed down, Graner said, "There's a war on. Bad things happen." Graner, labeled the leader of a band of rogue guards at the Baghdad prison in late 2003, will be dishonorably discharged when his sentence is completed. He also was demoted to private and ordered to forfeit all pay and benefits. A day after convicting him, the jury of four Army officers and six senior enlisted men deliberated about two hours to determine Graner's sentence. He could have received 15 years.

It is this commentators view that Specialist Graner IS A CASUALTY OF WAR! As well as a casualty of political correctness! We have to STOP giving terrorists and terror sympathizers more rights then American citizens. Abu Ghraib is a prison not a day care or a ministry. These are not good people! they are criminals... Actually they are worse then that! They are WAR CRIMINALS! And they want YOU DEAD! You and me have to be killed because we live in America. Specialist Graner and Pfc Lynndie England, Should be given praise and accolaids for putting these scum punks in there place. Remember none of these people have signed off on the geneva convention. They don't even practice human rights on themselves!