Thursday, January 20, 2005

HOMELAND SECURITY ON ALERT, Terrorist Nuclear Threat

FBI on alert for Illegal Aliens who may be involved in a Nuclear Plot
Officials in Boston are dealing with a possible nuclear terror threat after receiving word that a number of illegal aliens were smuggled into the U.S., and would be headed to the Massachusetts capital, possibly with nuclear material. "Law-Enforcement got a call from across the border in Mexico to the California Highway Patrol, A anonymous source said he brought two Iraqis and four Chinese (individuals) across the border and according to him, they stated soon to follow behind them would be some sort of nuclear material, He refers to some sort of nuclear material that will follow them through New York up into Boston. Police and FBI agents in Massachusetts were issued with photographs of two men and two women wanted in connection with an "unspecified threat". The four Chinese were named as Zengrong Lin, Wen Quin Zheng, Xiujin Chen and Guozhi Lin. While the FBI in San Diego is leading the investigation, Massachusetts law enforcement officials were reportedly meeting with the CIA, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to determine the severity of the Possible ‘Dirty Bomb’ threat.

If you have Information on this or Any Terrorist Threat contact the Department of Homeland Security, Citizen Line: 202-282-8000