Thursday, October 06, 2016

Professor Allan Lichtman Forecasts Donald Trump As The Winner

The US presidential election is now heading for the last lap. The two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton must be hoping that he or she will win. the 4th estate has conducted a number of Gallup polls and in most of them, Hillary is shown as the winner. The latest poll puts Hillary about 6 percentage points ahead of Trump. This is a far cry from the 11 point lead that Hillary had in March. Trump has been making gains since then and has greatly reduced the lead. The questions that arise in the minds of all people in the USA and abroad is that though Donald has generated an upward momentum will he sustain it to win the November poll? One man has no doubts in his mind. He is Professor Allan Lichtman. This man is a professor of history and has been forecasting the winner of the presidential election for the last 30 years. He started with forecasting the victory of Ronald Reagan and claims that he has been a success in his forecasting since then.
Allan Lichtman has predicted that this year the winner will be Donald Trump. The professor is not an astrologer or a magician yet he makes accurate forecasts. Obviously, this finding will not please those opposed to Trump who are sure that Donald has no chance against Hillary. Their contention is that whatever happens, Donald may narrow the gap, but that he will still lose in the end. In contrast, Allan Lichtman is sure Donald will be the winner. The professor makes his forecast by a unique key system that has been perfected by him. There are 13 keys in all which are interpreted by Lichtman. One could dismiss the forecast of the professor as something that is not scientific. Readers will do well to remember that all forecasts of the professor have proved true since 1984. His prediction cannot be dismissed out of hand. The professor analyzed the answers from his 13 keys and opines that a score of less than 6 means the candidate is out. In this case, Hillary does not bag more than 5 keys and that is a sure shot sign she will not win. With the election just weeks away, it will be interesting to see if Donald wins, as predicted by Lichtman.