Thursday, September 29, 2016

ISIS Fighter Rewarded With Sex Slave Foursome For Ratting Out His Own Brother

In a desperate bid to maintain loyalty in its crumbling so-called caliphate, ISIS is buying sex slaves for terrorists who shop fleeing fighters. Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer – who was captured by rebel fighters in Syria – revealed he had received three slave girls as a sick thank you gift after he turned in his own brother. Earlier it was uncovered the Daesh group had been selling wives of rebel fighters and women from ISIS-seized territories as sex slaves. However Al-Muhajer said the terror cult was also in the business of buying slave girls to reward loyalty.
He said: "After I informed on my brother who wanted to leave ISIS, I was rewarded with three slave girls – one from Damascus and two from Homs. "They told me that the girl from Damascus was a Yazidi and that the two girls from Homs were Christians. "They told me that they had been captured, but it turns out they were wives of FSA fighters from the Islamic Front. "The Islamic State would buy slave girls and give them as rewards. "All of them had been beaten on their backs." Just days ago the terror cult called "a state of emergency" after a number of successful coalition strikes weakened their last stronghold in Mosul. Earlier this year it was uncovered that ISIS, in a bit to stay afloat, had turned to selling the organs of sex slaves. It comes after reports Daesh fanatics had begun selling sex slaves on Facebook to bankroll their terror acts. Al-Muhajer added: "Whenever they took captives, they would bring slave girls, and they would place them on the slave market in Raqqa. "Afterwards, they would sell them for dollars. "Their price would range from $250 to $500."