Monday, May 26, 2008

President Bush Inducted Into Biker Group

US President George W Bush donned a black leather biker jacket and was given honorary membership in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle group, which paraded through Washington to honour veterans on Memorial Day. Tens of thousands of members of the biker group joined the parade down the US capital's main boulevards in the group's annual Ride for Freedom event to celebrate US soldiers and sailors and press for greater benefits for veterans. Rolling Thunder leaders including national executive director Artie Muller met President Bush at the White House, where they presented him with the vest in honour of their 21st Memorial Day ride.President Bush called the masses of motorcycles, which he observed from his helicopter just moments before, "a magnificent sight." "We just choppered in, Artie, and saw your brothers and sisters cranking up their machines and driving through the nation's capital - many of them have got the flag on the back," President Bush told them. "And I am just so honoured to welcome you back. I want to thank you and all your comrades for being so patriotic and loving our country as much as you do," he said. "And our troops appreciate you, the veterans appreciate you and your President appreciates you," President Bush said.