Thursday, September 13, 2007

Johnny Rotten On Kucinich: "He Ain't No Sex God"

Former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten, who got famous singing anti-establishment anthems such as "Anarchy in the UK," is unsurprisingly unimpressed with any of this year's U.S. presidential candidates, although he delivers entertaining opinions about many of them, including Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, in a recent interview. The legendary punk rocker, whose real name is John Lydon, says Kucinich is "hilarious, but he ain't no sex god," and calls Kucinich's election promise for an immediate Iraq pullout "nonsense."
Johnny Rotten
"That's guaranteeing a bullet in the back of the head real quick," Rotten says in the interview. "Don't do that. Sort it out or admit that was a failure, but don't ignore it, 'cause we've all got to carry on living in this world and this problem is only going to escalate. I want answers now. I want some serious thought in it." For the record, Rotten speaks ill of most of the candidates. He says Hillary Clinton is "a woman with a vendetta" who has "got to get one back on manhood," dismisses Barack Obama as "dense as a doorbell," says Rudy Guiliani is "scary to high hell," and calls Mitt Romney "corrupt from head to toe."