Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Minnesota Man Upset About 9/11 Memorial

A Minnesota man is upset over a memorial being built for those who died on United Flight 93. Tom Burnett Sr. said the proposed memorial is full of Islamic symbols and does not want his son’s name to be a part of it. His son, Tom Burnett Jr., died aboard flight 93 when it crashed in Pennsylvania. Tom Burnett Sr. said the memorial looks like a giant mosque with Islamic symbols such as a crescent shape around the point of impact that looks similar to the crescents featured on flags of heavily Islamic countries.
The superintendent of the memorial said such claims are based on faulty assumptions. Paul Murdoch, the architect of the memorial, explained in a letter that "the design will continue to develop." Tom Burnett Sr. said the architect has changed the design several times to camouflage the symbols. "I see what I saw in August 2005," he said. "It's still there and it's tainted beyond the point where we can do anything but throw it out and start over." If changes aren't made, Tom Burnett says he will demand that his son's name be taken off of the memorial.