Monday, November 13, 2006

Mayoral Candidate Disputes Tally Of Zero Votes, Says He Voted for Himself

The Waldenburg, Arkansas, bar owner figured he'd get at least one vote in his bid to become mayor of the town of 80 people -- even if it was just his own. But he didn't. According to the official tally, nobody voted for Wooten. Along with himself, Wooten says there were "at least eight or nine people" who said they voted for him, so, as he puts it, "something is wrong with this picture."Now, he has to decide whether to file a formal protest. Two other candidates, including the incumbent, received 18 votes. The Poinsett County election commissioner says a court order would have to be obtained to open the electronic voting machine and check the totals. No action has been taken yet. Wooten says, "It's just very hard to understand."