Friday, October 06, 2006

Border Fence Construction Begins

The first shipment of 4 x 4 steel posts has arrived on site and the construction is underway for the Minuteman high-tech border fence on the Hodges ranch along the southern border with Arizona . The land survey has been completed as well as the grading for this border fence sector. The steel fence posts have begun to arrive, and we will start with drilling and setting the posts.Around the clock security patrols have commenced at the construction site and our first, full-blown security fencing project on private land using private donations is underway. Thanks to generous corporate and private donors, we have been able to undertake this critical first step in erecting fiber optic mesh, steel-reinforced fencing along the southern border with Mexico . When fully operational, this first stretch of fence will have fiber optic mesh early warning systems, ground sensors and reactionary cameras that will include cutting-edge technology that will allow us to rapidly identify instances and pinpoint locations of illegal entry into this country.Our goal has always been to see the rule of law brought back to the border. We have sought to show the government what we think homeland security should look like, and how achievable and cost effective operational control of our border can be. When you have obvious vigilance at the border you vastly decrease the current steady waves of migrant trafficking, drug dealers, possible terrorists, gang members, rapists, thieves, weapons and sex traders, and untold volumes of contraband flooding into our country.The Senate has finally voted to approve 700 miles of border fencing along our broken 2,000 mile southern border but they have yet to provide funding to actually build it, and the costs being discussed are astronomically inflated from real-world necessity. As our elected representatives continue to play politics with our national security, the Minutemen will continue on guard at the border and act NOW in BUILDING security fencing and barriers. It is imperative that our government follow through this time on their promise to secure our borders. Their track record on delivering is abysmal, and our United States borders are anything but secure. The Minutemen will remain at our posts until our borders are truly and demonstrably secured.