Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Liberal MP Refers To Border Guards As 'Wimps'

A Liberal MP is under fire for referring to some border guards as "wimps." Derek Lee made the comment in the House of Commons today in regard to 60 B.C. Customs officers who walked off the job on the weekend over concerns that an armed murder suspect may have been heading their way. The work stoppage snarled traffic south of Vancouver and in the Fraser Valley.
Derek Lee, Member of Parliament for Scarborough - Rouge River Ontario, Canada
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and NDP Leader Jack Layton called on Lee to apologize, but he refused. Outside the House, Lee said the guards had better "get a grip on reality" because Canadians expect them to be on the job. The Canada Border Services Agency says the officers exercised their right to refuse dangerous work. Managers took over their duties but only a limited number of lanes were open, creating delays of up to six hours.