Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From Burka To Beachwear For Drug Using Muslim Model

The Australian model Michelle Leslie, a convicted drug user and Muslim convert, returned to the catwalk. It had been assumed her career was over after Indonesian police caught her with two Ecstasy tablets in Bali. Jailed for three months, she was sacked by her agency as soon as she got home after her release. Leslie was criticised by some Muslims for wearing a burka during parts of her trial, and she later said she had chosen to wear it because it was a "sign of public privacy and modesty".Her latest appearance, as the final model in the Azzollini 2006-7 swimwear collection, could hardly have been more different. Azzollini's co-owner, Kate Nicholes, dismissed the Bali scandal, saying: "We make swimwear. She looks great in it. We are happy to have her in our show. She is a great personal and professional friend, and she has always supported us."