Friday, April 14, 2006

Have Illegals Build The Border Wall

Ann Coulter has an answer for illegal immigration apologists who say it's simply too expensive to build a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexican border: Hire illegal aliens already in the U.S. to help with the construction. Asked how she would solve the illegal immigration problem, Coulter told Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly "I'd build a wall. In fact, I'd hire illegal immigrants to build the wall." Coulter told O'Reilly that she also favors deporting illegal aliens wherever they turn up, noting that immigration authorities missed a perfect opportunity to get a head start on the effort with the recent wave of pro-illegal protests. "We could have done it very easily in the last week," she explained. "You could have just sent paddy wagons to the protests."
Ann Coulter
Her views on illegal immigration are firmly in the mainstream of U.S. public opinion. A Time magazine poll released last weekend showed 56 percent of those surveyed support building a wall along the entire 2,000 mile Mexican border. Just 40 percent opposed. Even on the question of deporting illegal immigrants, Coulter is in the majority. Asked whether the U.S. would be better off if "all illegals" were deported, 51 percent of Americans said yes, with just 38 percent disagreeing.
The celebrated conservative said the disconnect between what the American people think about illegal immigration and what Washington plans to do is unprecedented. "I've never seen an issue where public opinion seems so strongly on one side, but because of corporate interests, the government is acting the other way," she told O'Reilly. "How about putting this to a vote?"