Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Plot To Abduct Prime Minister Tony Blair's Son

A British newspaper and a rights-group founder say police are investigating an alleged plot by disgruntled activists to briefly abduct Prime Minister Tony Blair's son Leo, 5, to highlight their cause. The Sun newspaper claimed the plan was made by a group campaigning for better rights for fathers denied access to their children. The British Broadcasting Corp. reported that police said they knew of suggestions of such a plot but were not convinced that those involved had the ability to carry it out. The BBC said there was no kidnapping attempt and no arrests made.
Prime Minister Tony Blair and son Leo
Blair's Downing Street office said, "we are not going to comment on this story." London's Metropolitan Police said "we are not prepared to discuss matters of security of this type." The Sun, quoting an unnamed source, claimed police officers had uncovered the plot while investigating activities of members of the Fathers 4 Justice movement. That group's founder said the purported plot has "definitely nothing to do with the official group." Matt O'Connor said anti-terrorism police had been investigating some former members of his group. "I was made aware in December that anti-terrorist branch were involved and when I checked, that was correct," he said. "If there are extremists on the fringes who could undermine all the work we have done, we would have to consider our positions and perhaps think about winding the group up." Blair and his wife, Cherie, also have sons Euan, 21, and Nicholas, 20, and daughter Kathryn, 17.