Tuesday, January 03, 2006

North Korea Urges Troops To Become "Human Bullets" In 2006

The new year has not brought any letup in North Korea's angry rhetoric toward the United States. It accuses the U.S. of keeping North and South Korea divided and calls on all Koreans to "firmly defend peace and security" and drive American soldiers out of the South.
A New Year's Day statement carried by government controlled media warns "dark clouds of war are hovering over the Korean nation" which it says is "yearning for reunification." And it accuses the U-S of fomenting war, saying Washington would not hesitate to plunge the peninsula into a nuclear catastrophe. Today's message also vows to boost North Korea's military might, declaring its more than one (m) million soldiers are "human bullets and bombs" dedicated to protecting the revolution and leader Kim Jong Il (kim jawng eel) with their lives.