Friday, December 30, 2005

Saudi Forces Kill Terror Suspects

Security forces killed two of Saudi Arabia's most wanted terror suspects over a 24-hour period.
The Interior Ministry identified the two militants as Abdel-Rahman Saleh Abdel-Rahman al-Mutab - Number 4 on the list - and Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mohammed al-Suwailmi, Number 7. The fighting began on Tuesday when the two militants killed two policemen in a drive-by attack outside the city of Buraydah, northwest of Riyadh. They then drove 12 miles southwest and sprayed gunfire at a security checkpoint near the town of Al-Midhnab, killing three more officers. Police chased the car and fired at it. Al-Mutab escaped, hijacking a woman's car at gunpoint, forcing her and her driver out. Police chased al-Mutab to a desert area called Nefoud Umm Khashaba, surrounded him and killed him in a gunbattle.