Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fake Yahoo News Site Falsely Reports Chinese Troops Invade Okinawa

A Website pretending to be the Yahoo news site has carried a fake Kyodo News article saying Chinese troops have invaded Okinawa, it was learned Wednesday.
The bogus news site carries the fake article it claimed to be a Kyodo News story written by a correspondent in the United States. "Chinese troops invaded Okinawa in the predawn hours of Tuesday, U.S. Department of Defense officials said," the story partly reads. A link was attached to the genuine Yahoo site. Both Yahoo Japan Corp. and Kyodo News are furious about the fake site, and are considering legal action against the owner of the it. "The story is without foundation and has been fabricated. We'll demand that the page be deleted and are considering filing a criminal complaint with law enforcers for damage to credit," a Kyodo News official said. "The fake site uses our logo without permission. It damages the public's confidence in Yahoo's news site, and we've asked the company that manages the server to delete the page. Depending on the development, we'll consider legal action.