Sunday, July 24, 2005

FREE At Last!

With a little help from his friends, an elderly man has been released from jail and is back home tonight. A messy backyard landed 88-year-old Robert Schulze in jail earlier this week. The South St. Paul man was held in contempt on Tuesday after failing to rectify code violations and missing a court date. Friends, family and neighbors worked to clean up the wood, trinkets and other items littering the yard. Once an inspector approved of the job, Schulze was released. The city of South St. Paul says it is trying to reach an agreement with Schulze to fix the problem permanently. "We'd like to work the Schulze family so there is no more situations of this type." said South St. Paul Administrator Steve King Schulze says he is thankful to be home and for those who pitched in to get him out of jail. "I sure thank you and the rest of the people that helped me out." Schulze said.